Filla Ball

working with a radical patented principle a range of applications were developed to showcase the technology

The Challenge

The inventor Shaun Hume had a vision for his patented gimbal technology – to get kids lunches to school without smashing the sandwiches to bits or spilling a drop of milk. We worked closely with DNC and Fillaball to develop the Lunchpod. The worlds first lunch box that was always the right way up.

The Solution

Lunchpod has no door, its simply tipped upside down to reveal the inside space. Once loaded its inverted and carried – the contents remaining the right way around whatever the user does! It was the fastest selling lunch box in Asda when launched.  

launch point

Lunchpod was a showcase for the technology. Our task was to introduce the patented concept into other markets. We assisted with our contacts at Seven Towns (the company behind Rubix’s) and worked alongside the designers there to create the Rubix’s 360.


Being a fantastically adaptable technology we also developed pull along solutions. These had a variety of potential uses, including iceboxes, beach transport and yachting solutions.


The original FillaBall was initially scaled down to create the Lunchpod. But in its original size it was an incredibly useful lugging machine. With a super sized “wheel” it would roll over rough ground and sand with ease. Holding 50Kg of weight and enough space for a family BBQ and beer it is the ultimate cool box.


Intended initially as a family sized Lunchpod it became obvious that the FillaBall could be used for a variety of applications – from cool box to military equipment.