the litecup was created by a parent who wanted a better cup for his children to get a drink in the middle of the night. It just so happens that this parent was also an industrial designer – how handy!

The Challenge

An easy flow non-spill drink cup which will glow at night so it can be found and gives out a reassuring night light.

The Solution

Litecup is an award winning cup with a patented valve and light sensitive LED base that gives out a soft glow at night.


A colourful no spill cup with an integrated soothing night light.

only cup to light up

the only kids cup that lights up. Innovative automatic sensing LED gives a soothing glow at night so the cup can easily be found

360° Valve

Drink from anywhere around the rim. The patented silicone valve opend when drinking and magically seals when finished

Easy flow – but no spill

the patented valve also ensures no spills. Minimising life’s frustrations and clean up time from knocks, drops, tipping and spilling

Simple maintence

Unlike other cups – Litecup simply clips apart into 4 dishwasherable components. No hidden areas that dirt and mould can hide in. 

The Product

Drinking valve that could be non spill but also provide the most natural drinking experience possible, a clean and colourful cup with an integrated night-light. to support independent mess free drinking for your child – day or night!

Real life

The most important thing for parents is that is supports independent and mess free drinking whilst they are busy driving, shoving some dinner on a plate, sleeping (occasionally), putting up a tent or basically doing a million and one other things that parents have to do

AWARD winning

Litecup has won many awards including Progressive Pre School award for Innovation in 2015