We regularily research user requirements both through simple informal meetings as well as highly structured research sessions.

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Initial Concepts

Sketching is an essential part of early stage design in order to explore ideas. Other methods of initial concepts involve very basic prototypes made with things readily available

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Concept Prototypes

Using fast and cheap methods we can explore important aspect of the design such as scale, mechanisms, etc

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Once an initial concepts have been explored, the best ideas are selected and taken further.

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In order to get manufactured parts or product prototypes it is necessary to detail the design. This ensures parts are made suitable for manufacture and assembly.

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Ranging from rapid prototypes through to comissioning engineering workshops using fibreglass, metal forming, etc.

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Production Assistance

We are constantly getting products made. These range from high volume processes such as injection moulding through to small run specialist products.The track record and long term relationship with manufacturers ensures that your products come out just the way they were designed.

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