A radical development of some of the most overlooked bit of ski kit – the pole and race bags

The Challenge

Overlooked and under developed. How to create new performance features in a piece of equipment that has barely changed in 100 years? The task was to maintaining the essential simplicity and functionality of a ski pole – while adding significant design advantages and innovation.

The Solution

We started at the first principles of ergonomics and user experience. Looking at the detail of the grip, creating super adjustable and shock absorbing modular hand holds. We developed the first magnetically connected poles in the Nomad LF poles. The Nomad also had Integral shock absorbing features. The latest Redster race pole is one of the best fitting carbon alpine poles on the market

first principles

Skiers first impressions of poles – through to professional users insight allowed the development of the worlds first modular grip system


Added features such as integral shock absorption and magnetic connection makes the Nomad LF the most usable pole on the slopes

beginner to racer

the same features that a racer needs to keep them on the podium also help the beginner master the sport. Better ergonomics cause less fatigue. Better grip means more control. convenient design is less frustrating