Introducing the new way to weigh. Skåler allows you to scoop, measure and mix with one tool.

The Challenge

To enhance the functionality of a spoon! Create a mixing spoon that can also weigh and measure. So ingredients can be accurately mixed while cooking. When a specific quantity is needed the means to determine the weight or volume of the ingredient should be to hand in a product that can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher

The Solution

Skåler is a scoop that allows the user to scoop, measure and mix with one tool. The user just has to slide the stainless steel weight up the handle to the desired weight. Alongside grams, the scoop also has a measuring guide in millimetres and US cups. The lowest marker defines the place where the spoon is to be placed. This allows the exact measuring of the weight in the spoon. Skåler is suitable for hot and cold dishes and is dishwasher safe.


Starting with a great mixing spoon, robust and practical for the modern kitchen. Experiments with the the length of the handle and size of weights produced a great balance between range of measurement and accuracy

Rapid printing

Extensive use of 3D printing to prove the CAD development which in turn proves the concept

in use testing

Extensive testing in real environments with a range of ingredients and with a variety of users, enabled fine tuning prior to final production.

Final product now a Red Dot Winner 2016

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