a unique medicine dosing spoon that will keep track of when medicine was given or when next to take it.

The Challenge

when giving medicine to children, remembering when the last dose was given or a reminder when to give it again can be difficult. Ideally the spoon would have two dose options and be low cost enough to be given away with the medicine

The Solution

Timecheck spoon with a 2.5ml and 5ml dose bowls also has a non-return bezel that can be set to the time the last dose was given or when it needs to be given again. The bezel can be different colours so different medicine can be dosed at individual times

Keep it simple

Using a spoon is intuitive and simple. Creating additional functionality with easy to understand methodology will ensure its used regularly.

Two Sided

a unique feature of TimeCheck is that the 2.5ml and 5ml doses are on separate sides of the spoon, this helps reduce the likelihood of giving the wrong amount.

use as normal

Timecheck is a high quality medicine spoon – tested and CE approved.

SEt the dial

Using finger and thumb or the handle of a spoon the time the medicine was taken or when it should be taken again can be set on the dial.